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Dkay started making music when he was 14. He released his first record on the infamous label Moving Shadow 1999. Clearly a drum and bass artist, he progressed to other labels. Metalheadz, Soul:r, and Hospital to name a few. In 2003 he dropped his summer anthem "Barcelona", changing the drum and bass game forever. But no slave to mainstream, Dkay moved on to write authentic underground hits such as "It's on the way" on Marcus Intalex’s label Soul:R and “Babylon" on his own imprint Brigand and DJed up and down Europe, Australia/NewZealand and Russia.

In 2009, after about 100 released tracks, he took a step back and started working as a producer on various projects throughout genres, honing his craft as a music creator, mentor, designer. Now, ten years later, with streaming, social media and a new world firmly established, it is time to bring back the classic sounds of drum and bass, jazzy, funky, liquified and make them available in the best format for worldwide fans, old and new.

Watch out for new tracks and remixes and possibly a sophomore album in 2019.